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Who we are...

A group of young professionals, with a total work experience of over 57 years in the field of communications. Together, we pride ourselves as PR Genes, a PR agency whose DNA lies in creating desired perceptions, through effective communication.

Across industries, be it consumer durable, auto, telecom and IT, education or real estate, to name a few, we have helped organisations to communicate with its audiences, not just successfully, but effectively too.

Headquartered in New Delhi with a team of highly experienced personnel, PR Genes has its own offices across 7 major cities in India.


Our experience

PR GENES has built a collaborative team of the industry’s talented professionals, a client bouquet that includes many of the world’s most recognized and respected brands, and a proven track record of result-oriented work.

We currently employ over 25 seasoned communications professionals from diverse disciplines across our 7 offices in India and our growth is spearheaded by a team of senior executives, with extensive experience in journalism, marketing, PR and associated fields.

Being a boutique agency, we differentiate ourselves from other agencies by bringing an unrelenting client focus and passion for our clients’ businesses, along with the innovative and creative strategies and a commitment to measurable results.


Our approach

At PR GENES we understand the critical role that Word of Mouth (WOM) plays in creating excitement amongst the consumer and building awareness. Hence we have a great impetus on channeling the WOM to create a positive buzz for our clients' issues, products, services, organizations and brands through our ‘Closet Ambassadors’ program.

Through our ‘Closet Ambassador’ program, we activate ambassadors for the business and the brand, early on in our strategic process. Through a variety of service offering and initiatives, we continually invest in new ways to sustain and build ambassadors, for they are the foundation on which rest our clients’ marketing communications programs.