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Corporate communication

Corporate Communications is the pivot, which imparts the Group identity to the Group companies and businesses through multiple communication strategies, leveraging the Group’s brand equity.

In a bid to enhance the client’s brand credibly, every which way, PR GENES works to strengthen the Company's competitive advantage through proactive, two-way communication among its multiple internal and external stakeholders. In doing so, it strives to raise the Group's profile and enhance its image. We carefully formulate and implement the program, one which will both craft the corporation's image and protect when the problems arise.

We have helped some of the biggest MNCs and Indian companies build powerful reputations. Our experts have helped these clients identify, establish and sustain corporate positions. We help our clients develop a distinct position for their corporate brand, which sets them apart from their peer group while providing a long-term proposition for varied stakeholders.

Consumer communication

Our Consumer Communication practice is defined by its proven excellence at PR around consumer brands. We design strategic campaigns that help our clients connect with consumers, develop brand loyalty in the brand, and build the relationships essential to creating powerful closet ambassadors.

Our consumer communication services include:

- New Brand / Product Launches
- Media relations
- Event marketing
- Regional outreach program
- Strategic alliances and sponsorships
- Interactive and emerging media initiatives

Digital communication

Our approach is to go where your audiences are.

Digital media drives the radical shift in consumer decision-making patterns and speed-to-action that is taking place today. Consumers around the world are making decisions faster now, than a few years ago. In addition, more than half of consumers worldwide agree that they have more power to influence a company's success or failure today and have a greater say than ever before in what companies sell.

The digital platform also offers consumers an opportunity to actively express their dissatisfaction in a variety of ways and does so more quickly today than three years ago.

Our Digital Media practice helps clients understand, apply and benefit from the social and emerging media in measurable ways. Our experts work closely with clients to place their messages at the epicenter of today’s digital lifestyle. In addition to helping our clients identify and cultivate advocates, we also assist them in working with and protecting themselves from ‘online buzz killers’.


Crisis communication

We help clients develop the internal culture and infrastructure needed to anticipate prepare for and manage issues and negative events affecting their reputation.

There are three stages that we follow:

- Pre-emptive measures
- Damage control measures
- Post crisis planning

We work on creating a crisis drill for all our clients to help them to react rightly in time of crisis, and our team is well trained to handle crisis effectively protecting our client’s reputation.

CSR campaigns

Many organizations remain reticent about promoting their CSR efforts. Many worry about the potential negative backlash. Increasingly customers and stakeholders will demand more information about how organizations are being responsible, not less. As long as CSR is a strategic, real, long-term commitment, then organizations shouldn’t be concerned about appropriate communication of that work.

We help organizations not just to appropriately communicate their idea of adding value to the society, but also design specific regional CSR campaigns through our alliances with a host of NGOs, and CSR planners.

Our services include:

- CSR and sustainability programs
- CSR vision / strategic road mapping
- Advice on stakeholder engagement & NGO partnerships
- Internal CSR communications
- Issues monitoring and management